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Horserail Fencing in South West England

Devon Farmers equestrian fencing rail fencing from devon farmers Devon Farmers can now supply and install equestrian fencing using the Horserail® system; an electrified post and rail style fence that has been developed to offer the highest standards of form, safety, function and durability. We can supply and install throughout South West England.

Horserail® is a coated rail and wire horse fence system that combines the patented Horserail® technology with premium virgin grade polyethylene and a super strong steel core, making it a safe, secure, and extremely durable alternative to typical wooden, post and rail horse fencing. Horserail® is a post and rail style fencing system that has been developed over the last 15 years to offer the highest standards of form, functionality and durability.

Horserail's® smooth surface is designed to flex and slide so that if a horse is to run into, hit, kick or put a leg through the fence, then Horserail® will bend and flex so that the animal will not be injured, like they might otherwise be in an accident with a wooden fence. Essential fencing for stud farms and equine veterinary practices.

Ideal for arenas, lunging rings, horsewalkers, paddocks, pastures, tracks and gallops. With its patented spooler and buckle system, Horserail® is easy to install and erect, significantly reducing installation costs and time and if required, can be moved quickly and easily, making it an ideal permanent or moveable/mobile horse fencing solution.

Horserail® fencing is impact resistant and won't break, splinter or warp. Each rail has a breaking strain of 1.8 tonnes and comes with a limited manufacturers’ warranty of 30 years. Horserail® is virtually maintenance free with NO painting required and is available in three colours designed to blend or contrast with your land's colour schemes; black, brown and white. The high quality medium density polyethelyne fencing won’t fade or become brittle and can be fixed on a number of different post options.

With recent developments and improvements in manufacture, coupled with increased production volumes and its ease of installation, the cost of Horserail® now matches and often betters traditional post and rail fencing.

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You won’t be disappointed – the benefits of the Horserail® fencing system are not insignificant:
Reduced Maintenance – high quality medium density polyethylene won’t fade, warp or become brittle (no breaking, splintering or shattering!); it also contains mould inhibitors to help reduce maintenance (no painting, cleaning or mould treatment required).

Minimises risk of injury – the Horserail® fencing system requires minimal tension to keep it taught, straight and smooth ensuring that it is not only very flexible, but also minimises the risk of injury while staying flat, smooth and straight as a Guardsman on parade! Each rail has a breaking strain of 1.8 tonnes. The completely electrified edging means there is rarely any horse contact or damage to fix.

Reduced fencing costs – with its lengthy warranty and with improvements in manufacture and larger volumes, the cost of Horserail® now matches and usually betters traditional post and rail fencing.

See the Horserail Gallery.

In summary, the Horserail® fencing system is lighter, stronger, visually pleasing and longer lasting.

Devon Farmers can also supply "HotCote" rail, an excellent alternative to electrified tape or rope, often used on equestrian establishments where the cost of traditional wooden post and rail fencing cannot be justified. "Hotcote" is a specially developed conductive plastic-coated wire,  that is the perfect solution to providing a highly visible, permanent electric fence for horses and other animals.

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