Thursday 7th November 2019

Order your logs from Devon Farmers. Seasoned logs delivered throughout Devon.

Logs delivered to your door! Order now for your Winter fuel. Call 07766 058762.

Please don't wait until you have run out of logs or for the arrival of bad weather before you order. It is always advisable to have a stock of seasoned logs ready for use. Recent weather patterns suggest we are increasingly likely to experience unpredictable seasonality! Order early and make sure your home is toasty warm and the envy of all around you! Call Wayne on 07766 058762. Delivery is FREE within 10 miles of Otterton.

Dumpy Bag: £50.00.
Hilux Truck Load: £80.00.
Half Truck Load: £40.00.
Sack of Logs: £4.50.
FREE DELIVERY within 10 miles of Otterton.

Please call to discuss delivery charges outside this area. 07766 058762.