Devon Farmers

Low Cost Quality Horse Feed & Bedding East Devon

Looking for healthy horse feed? For all kinds of Hay and Straw, Horse Bedding, Wood Shavings and more from W D Ridge Rural Services. Low cost horse feed and bedding supplied in Devon and surrounding areas. Horse feed and bedding delivered to your door!

We realise that high quality feed and haylage are essential for the general wellbeing of your horse or pony. We also respect your need for value for money and reliable local service. That's why Devon exists - to bring great products and ideas to the West Country. W D Ridge Rural Services supply Wood Shavings, Wheat Straw, Haylage and Meadow Grass Hay.

Devon Farmers Shavings - High quality, dust extracted large flake shavings. Soft and highly absorbent. Packaged in convenient, easy to handle compact bales. Large flakes keep the bedding in place helping to reduce the chances of injury occurring. £7.00 per bale delivered. £6.70 per bale if you collect.

Round Bale Haylage - Meadow Grass. Haylage delivered throughout East Devon. £30.00 per bale. Currently unavailable.

Baled Hay - Meadow Grass. Small, conventional two-string convenient sized bales or larger. £4.50 per small bale. Larger bales from £25.00 subject to size. Currently unavailable.

Straw Bales - Wheat Straw. Mini Hesston Bales (ideal size for the equine world - 6' 6", four-string bale). Easy handling. Approx 4 - 5 conventional bales equate to a Mini Hesston. £17.00 per bale.

Knowing that dealing with livestock keeps you busy, we are happy to take your order and deliver to your door (home, stable, barn or store!). Please call Wayne on 07766 058762 or email us with your requirements:

Our own branded Wood Chip Shavings now available.

Logs delivered to your door! Order now for your Winter fuel. Call 07766 058762.